Meet representatives

If you are interested in a Bachelor’s program from EPFL and wish to collect a maximum of detailed information about it, we encourage you to take part in the EPFL Info Days. You however also have the possibility of meeting students or representatives from our institution at several events or information sessions (list updated regularly). Please note that only the events written in bold below are public. Access to the other events or information sessions is usually limited to the invited students.

Find a list of international fairs where to meet representatives on the portal.

Calendar 2018-2019

August 2018

  • Info-Abend, Université de Bâle, 28.08
  • Re-Member Meets Talents, Kantonsschule Kreuzlingen, 29.08

September 2018

  • ETH Besuchstage, Zürich, 05-06.09
  • Gymnasium Muttenz, 26.09

November 2018

  • Collège Calvin, Genève, 02.11
  • ZEBI-Studienmesse, Luzern, 11.11
  • Studienmesse, Baden, 17.11
  • Journées d’information des Gymnasiens – EPFL, 21 to 23.11

February 2019

  • Forum des étudiants, HES-SO Sierre, 05.02
  • Forum Bildung, Siders, 06.02
  • Job-Info, UNIFR, Fribourg, 11.02
  • OrientaTI, Lugano, early February
  • Forum Horizon, UNIL, Lausanne, 14-15.02

June 2019

  • Forum des Unis, Gymnase français de Bienne, 27.06

If you have questions about an event, don’t hesitate to contact