Special Mathematics Course (CMS, preparatory class)

Cours de mathématiques spéciales

Video (in French): further details about the CMS, from Adrian Blumenthal, Alumni from the course and doctoral student at EPFL

Program presentation and study plan

Studying at EPFL without fulfilling the entrance requirements? It is possible thanks to the Special Mathematics Course (“CMS”, in French).

What if you want to study at EPFL, but do not have the required qualifications to be accepted in a BSc program? Or you possess a Swiss Professional Maturity?
Sign up for the CMS preparatory course! This one-year-long preparatory class can give you access to the first year of all BSc programs taught at EPFL. It allows you to acquire or to consolidate the necessary basic scientific knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science.
The Advantages of the course
Designed as an integrated preparatory year, CMS training aims to pass on the skills which are required by the polytechnic and scientific training of the different departments within EPFL. The emphasis is on a detailed understanding of the basic theoretical concepts as well as on their implementation within the context of resolving complex problems. Furthermore, CMS students have the opportunity to meet students of all levels at EPFL and can then discover the different kinds of training available firsthand.
Who does the course concern?
CMS is first and foremost aimed at students who do not have the required qualifications to be admitted directly into one of EPFL’s BSc programs; some other applicants may nonetheless also be admitted.
By way of example, there are two main categories of students who take CMS classes:
Holders of a Swiss vocational path certification (“Professional Maturity”). For these students, the best way to progress is to end up at the Hautes écoles spécialisées (HES or specialized colleges). Moreover, HES graduates can pursue an MSc at EPFL if they gain the requisite bridge credit (60 ECTS credits). Nevertheless, a growing number of gifted students graduating from professional schools prefer to choose full training at EPFL: they thus benefit from intensive scientific training from their undergraduate studies onwards. This path primarily attracts young people who are interested in abstraction and a deep understanding of phenomenas. Successfully completing the CMS course enables them full access to all of EPFL’s BSc programs.
Holders of a foreign baccalaureate which do not meet the admission criteria for the 1st year at EPFL (further details here). Successfully completing CMS enables these students to enroll in the BSc Program of their choice at EPFL. The wide diversity of their backgrounds gives an international dimension to the CMS course.




In the event of successful completion, it is possible to be admitted to the 13 BSc programs taught at EPFL.


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